Thursday 27 May 2010

Skipped School Today

I skipped school again today, since I slept really late last night and just as mommy thought, I refused to wake up for school. Did not do much except playing with some toys and did some painting. Mommy and daddy is asking me why I am keep saying "Don't do this, I will call Miss Lim" or "I will tell Miss Lim", now daddy and mommy really wonder if Miss Lim scolded me or had a bad impression in me, or the other way around, a great and perfect

Daddy came back early tonight to pick me and mommy up for the Vesak Day procession along Jalan Sungai Chua in Kajang, where I used to stay last time. This year I think there were more floats than before.

We arrived at BHP petrol kiosk around 2030hrs and waited for about 30mins before the first float arrived. I was sprayed with supposingly holy water, but daddy thinks it is more like a fragrant water instead! The full procession took about 25mins from the first till the last float. This time was a little more interesting since I could understand better.

Tomorrow I will be staying with grandpa and granny since mommy and daddy will be painting mommy's shop.

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Some photos taken today

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