Tuesday 25 May 2010

Almost Skipped School Again!

Well I almost skipped school today again when I refused to wake up this morning. Mommy fell asleep again after trying to wake me up, until 0900hrs when Daddy woke up to go to the toilet, I bounced up immediately feeling fresh, only until when mommy told me to finish my milk. Since daddy was already awake, I demanded daddy walking me to school instead of mommy. By the time I got to school it was already 1000hrs.

Since I got to school late, mommy did not make me any breakfast today, and daddy forgot to inform my teacher that I did not have any food. So my teacher tried to offer me some food but I refuse all, but told my teacher that I wanted Char Siew Pau, then my teacher told me that she will buy for me later, but I answered "No lah, mommy buy, at home got already!"

I learn a new song today at school, London Bridge Is Falling Down, and I was singing in the car jsut now when daddy drove us to Carrefour for grocery. Well so far I have mastered only a few songs,
1) 123
2) ABC (Alphabet Song)
3) Ten Little Indians

and my current no.1 pop favourite "Nobdy by Wonder Girls" and my only line is
- nobody, nobody but you!

Anyway, in the evening just now daddy drove me to Carrefour and I refuse to go with mommy up to the supermarket but had to wait for daddy to finish his hair cut first!

My knee got better too after falling down yesterday at granny's house.

Lunch : Char Siew Pau
Dinner : Fried Salmon with White Rice

No photo taken today.

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MeRy said...

Nextime don't be late again..

Anonymous said...


from Alice Bu