Saturday 8 May 2010

Ser Kai's Birthday

It was a whole day wait to attend Ser Kai's birthday. Daddy actually wanted to get some curtain from Ikea but decided not to when I refuse to sleep and since I might fall asleep on the way to Ser Kai's birthday so we stayed at home the whole day until around 1700hrs when I could take it anymore, I slept for 30mins before waking up to get dressed for the birthday party.

We got to Ser Kai's house just before 1900hrs but grandpa and granny wasn't around since they are already in Ipoh. No one has arrived when I got there so I still had Ser Kai's attention, but later when her classmates and teachers arrived, I just had to blend in with her friends which was initially fun until "Uncle Clown" arrived. I am still very much afraid of clowns, but got better when the program was finishing. I did not even dare to line up to get a balloon! It was fortunate that one of Ser Kai's friend gave me a flower balloon. Thank you! I also got my very first tattoo, a butterfly on my hand :)

Anyway I had great fun in the birthday party. Ran around and had some fabulous Nasi Lemak as well for dinner. We got home almost midnight and I totally ran out of battery! Crash :)

Tomorrow I will be going to Ikea with daddy to buy some curtain and hopefully able to get the curtain rails as well!

Lunch :
Dinner : Nasi Lemak with Chicken Soup and Rice

Some photos taken today
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