Wednesday 10 September 2008

Playing With Ser Kai

Ser Kai come over in the afternoon to play since mommy and Auntie Jin were having the som tum feast. I also starting to snatch toys from Ser Kai as well, and cried when I am not able to have them. Today Ser Kai use her hands to block me away from getting the toys from her, first I started screaming then I got angry and started crying. This is when mommy and Auntie Jin came out to see what was going on.

Then around 1430hrs, Ser Kai refuse to go home for her afternoon nap. I was outside in the driveway and could hear her crying, my eyes turned red as well while listening to her cries.

Daddy got home just before dinner while I was having my dinner at the driveway. I slept from 1500hrs till 1800hrs.

Lunch : Vegetable Porridge
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steamed Egg

No photo were taken today

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