Monday 15 September 2008

Hello Hello!

This morning daddy's car wouldn't start. It took a while before daddy decided to call the service centre to enquire the problem since it was the first time daddy facing this problem. Luckily it was the battery and daddy could jump start it using a cable with Ser Kai daddy's car. Anyway it was easily resolve but daddy had not changed the battery yet. Guess he will have to soon.
After daddy left for work, I had my lunch while watching Monster Inc., before falling asleep watching it. Did not have a long afternoon nap, only for about an hour before waking up and started running around the whole house again.
I am getting mischevious now, someone will have to look at me at all time now since, I could start looking for things such as hammer and could take a liquor bottle and walk around with it, dangerous!
In the evening, while I was waiting for daddy returning from work, mommy was talking to Ser Kai's aunty discussing about Ser Kai kindergarten, Cosmotots, but I would have to wait for another 18 months before I could attend since the minimum age is 3 years old and I must be potty trained as well.
Lunch : Steam Pumpkin Egg with Steam Rice
Dinner : Cabbage Soup Congee

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Monster Inc.

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