Monday 24 August 2009

Back From Hat Yai

We left for Hat Yai last Friday (21st Aug) and got back very early this morning after a stopover at Tambun for dinner. We arrived in Hat Yai on Friday around 1800hrs (Thai) and went straight for DaZa cafe for the meeting before I left with mommy to meet up with Aunty Kwan since mommy wanted to visit the food fair near Prince of Songkhla University. Daddy only met up with me at a footstall around wet market around 2200hrs after getting a hotel room for Uncle Vincent at The Great Hotel.

In the afternoon, daddy drove us all out to get some grocery from Carrefour and a pot from Kim Yong(ตลาดกิมหยง) market for Uncle Vincent's mommy. Later in the evening after my dinner we went out for dinner at Aunty Kwan shop, and daddy wanted to take Uncle Vincent for some grill prawns and tom yum but unfortunately the stall was close so daddy came back to Aunty Kwan shop.

On Sunday, we picked up Uncle Vincent around 1030hrs for breakfast and drove to see some fish shop since Uncle Vincent wanted to buy some guppys back for his aquarium. There are a few big fish shops along Phadungphakdi Road. We left Hat Yai just after 1630hrs after picking up Uncle Vincent from his favourite massage parlour, Carawa Ancient Massage, adjoining to Golden Crown Hotel.

We got to the border around 1900hrs (MST) without any hassle except mommy's ATM card was confiscated by an ATM machine. The drive from the border to Bukit Tambun was easy with minimal traffic, we arrived at Gee Seng Restaurant in Bukit Tambun around 2045hrs. We had prawns, clams, and first time trying horseshoe crab, which was ultimately tasteless and nothing like a crab because it is related closely to spiders, ticks or scorpians rather than crabs.

We arrived home just after 0100hrs.

Some photos taken during this trip,

Click here for more photos in slideshow and a parade video taken inside the car,

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