Friday 14 August 2009

I Am Good Girl

Today I did not make any fuss after mommy told me tonight I am going to meet Uncle Yong and watch aeroplane at the airport! I did whatever mommy ask me to do today, no problem eating lunch, taking bath, sleeping and even drinking milk.

Later in the evening, mommy got a sms from Aunty Yam that her brother, Uncel Yong's Air Asia flight has delayed and he will only be reaching here around 2200hrs instead of 2030hrs so daddy only got back home around 2030hrs to pick me and mommy up. We went to Alamanda for dinner since mommy wanted to buy some gift for Uncle Yong's parent. Anwyay we got to the airport around 2250hrs and waited for Uncle Yong for about 15mins.

Uncle Yong brought some dried fish for mommy which daddy love alot and we left to to the hotel, Transit Budget Hotel, which we made reservation for Uncle Yong earlier. Anyway we drove to Tune Hotel to check if there were any vacancy since it was just around the corner as we drove out from LCCT. It was indeed full so daddy drove straight to the hotel we had reserved for Uncle Yong.

When we got into the hotel we were a little dissapointed at the hotel as there is no bathroom attached and the common bathroom wasn't proper as well since Uncle Yong paid RM100.00 per night, but daddy would not want to pay anything more than RM60.00 a night for a room like this. A similar room available in Tokyo cost only Y2500 (click here for RM) so daddy think this hotel is way to overprice for a room like this.

Lunch : Hard Boiled Eggs in Soup with White Rice
Dinner : Steam Pomfret with White Rice

Some photos taken today,

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