Thursday 13 August 2009

Green or Graan

The first colour which I can remember now is green or graan for me but can distinguish the crayons if I am being tested! I was being silly today when i peel of the sticker book and started putting it on my face, then I would look at the mirrow how I look like with the stickers on my face.

Mommy also took me singing my own version of alphabet song today. Let see when I could only master this alphabet song. Tomorrow me, daddy and mommy will be going to pick up Uncle Yong from LCCT and hopefully we can see some planes taking off and landing before picking Uncle Yong up.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with White Rice
Dinner : Spinach Soup with White Rice

Some photos taken today,

Click here for more photos in slideshow and below is the video taken today,

Today's Movie - Barney Let's Go Vacation

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