Friday 7 August 2009

Visiting Baby Emalie

(3 days old baby Emalie fingers)

Yesterday mommy called Aunty Ou wanting to see how is she doing but instead, mommy found out that Aunty Ou just gave birth to a baby girl, Emalie(Thanks to Uncle Jeff for correcting), on August 4th, 2009 at University Hospital at 0037hrs. So today daddy took sometime off from work and took me and mommy to visit baby Ann Mary and Aunty Ou.

We left this morning to daddy's office before visit Aunty Ou after lunch since daddy wanted to take mommy to try Aunty Tracy recommended Win Soon Fish Head noodle at Jalan Kuchai Lama. We got to the hospital just before 1500hrs but took sometime looking for the ward since it was quite misleading walking from the multi-level carpark. I actually walked one big circle before getting to the correct ward and found Aunty Ou without much problem. When we met Aunty Ou, baby Emalie ary was sleeping under a blue light since she was born with jaundice which is quite common to newborn. Hopefully Baby Ann will recover soon and discharge from hospital.

After staying in the hospital for 2 hours plus, daddy drove me and mommy to 1 Utama since they were having a warehouse sales for camper shoes (but the reduction wasn't very tempting). When we got to the mall, daddy was already hungry and thought of having dinner before checking out the warehouse sale. After dinner we walked around and mommy got me some bargain cloths in F.O.S. for Kids and Teens.

Just before I left, daddy took me for my first electronic elephant ride!

Another good news is that Jay Ren's mommy is pregnant again! So I should be attending another fullmoon in about 4 months time.

Lunch : Fish Paste and Prawn Noodle @ Win Soon Cafe
Dinner : Kyushu Ramen @ Nippon Yataimura, 1 Utama

Some photos taken today

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Unknown said...

Hi Loen,

The baby's name is Emalie..She was discharged from hospital yesterday and now at the confinement centre.

Aeryn Chow said...

thanks for the error. See you soon.