Sunday 16 August 2009

What A Day!

Today it has been a real exciting day for me from walking in FRIM to shopping till the house alarm!

It started early this morning when mommy woke me up to get ready for a canopy walk at FRIM since it has been more than a year since we last took this walk. A year ago when we did this, daddy had a carrier to carry me all the way up but this time because daddy thought I could walked so daddy did not bring the carrier along this trip. We arrived at FRIM just after 1100hrs and registered for the walked at the Information Building, entrance is RM5.00 for adult and RM1.00 for me but just make to get the tickets here as there are signages along the way which states clearly that a valid ticket is required to cross the canopy walk. Anyway we didn't manage to climb all the way since daddy and mommy was to tired carrying me most the way up. We left FRIM around 1300hrs to 1 Utama since Aunty Por wanted mommy to get a pair of Crocs for Aunty Por.

When we got to 1 Utama we went straight for lunch at East Court at 1 Utama which was actually quite good for the price. Instead of getting the Crocs, daddy bought some bowls from U Parkson since we did not get enough during the Corelle Warehouse sales a few months back.

After getting the bowls, we walk around and mommy got Aunty Por a pair of maternity pants from Mother Club but daddy suggested to mommy it would be better and easier for Aunty Por to buy it here since she can choose her preferred colour and size.

Since we have not tried Chao Yen, a teochew restaurant, mommy found out that they served one of mommy's favourite dish, the salted mustard pork belly (梅菜扣肉). Initially mommy wasn't very keen eating here but after having the pork belly, she ordered another portion and a bowl of rice! After dinner while mommy was trying a new dress, grandpa called and said the house alarm was activated and after checking initially, Aunty Jin said the light upstairs was turned on and then off after, with the sliding door opened! Someone must be inside, daddy thought so we rush back from 1 Utama only to find out nothing happened and it was a false alarm and might have been cause by some cat or squirrel as grandpa thinks.

Just before I went upstairs to sleep, I accidently locked myself inside the bathroom downstairs, which daddy needed to kick open the door since the latch is no longer working properly! Dangerous!

Lunch : Scallop Soup and Sweet Pea Sprout with White Rice @ East Court
Dinner : Salted Mustard Pork Belly and Lotus Root Soup with White Rice @ Chao Yen

Daddy brought the camera but forgot to insert the compact flash card so no photo were taken today, a video taken today,

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