Monday 17 August 2009

H1N1 Prevention?

My bruise is still visible today after I hit my cheek against the hanger while shopping yesterday.

Today, I walk upstairs again by myself after calling out for mommy a few times. By the time mommy was about to walk down, only to realise that I am already inside the room shouting at mommy. I have no problem walking up the stairs now but still not too good walking down.

This weekend I will be going back to Hat Yai with daddy and mommy just the weekend since the house is not ready to move yet. Guess I will not be going back for the next few weeks when we start moving to the new house.

There was a very interesting article featured in LA Time a couple of days back regarding Pneumonia or Pneumococcal vaccination which in a way could be a prevention to H1N1 virus since most of the H1N1 death has been related to Pneumonia. I got my Pneumococcal Vaccination during my first few scheduled consulation.

Lunch : Pumping Egg and Pork with White Rice
Dinner : ABC Soup with White Rice

No photo were taken today but a video taken today just before I slept,

Today's Movie -

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