Friday 31 July 2009

My First Overnight Train Ride

Wow, it is going to be my first time taking an overnight train from Kajang to Tumpat. Been asking daddy and mommy about train lately and finally I am able to experience a real overnight train ride. My first time taking a train was in Peru, from Ollantaytambu to Aguas Calientes which was only about 4 hours but this time the ride from Kajang to Tumpat will take 13hours and 30mins.

The whole day mommy was busy packing and preparing for this trip so I stayed at home watching Barnie the whole day until daddy got back around 1900hrs. Just after we had dinner Uncle Alex arrived to pick up us since daddy was afraid that there might be a bad traffic jam along the way to the train station as some gathering was suppose to be held at 1900hrs at Kajang Municipal Hall. Anyway we left home at 2030hrs for the train station and arrived at 2050hrs, just before the scheduled departure time at 2103hrs. Anyway the train did not arrive at the station until 2112hrs. Since we were only given about 2mins to board the train and we were not told where will be coach going to be, we had to run to the coach!

Daddy bought a private 2 berth room, without the bathroom since this was the best they had for this route and it would be better since daddy would not want to disturb other passenger is I cried in the night. The train (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) condition wasn't exactly good, the main entrance to the berth was flooded with water leaking from the ceiling, and the train actually blacked out twice, first time just before arriving in Seremban and second, not long after we left Seremban station. Well it is going to be another at least 10 hours before we arrive in Tumpat.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with Rice
Dinner : Steam Egg and Mushroom Soup with Rice

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Barnie on iPod.

(posted from Room 4, Coach D1, Train 16 Kajang - Tumpat on Celcom Broadband)

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