Sunday 12 July 2009

My First Movie In Cinema

I got to watch my first cartoon in the cinema today, Ice Age 3 : Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, at GSC 1 Utama (New Wing). I managed to sit and watch throughout the movie and participated at some laughter as well. Guess I had a jolly good time watching this movie as well. Hope that daddy and mommy will take me to movies more often now.

Initially we were just suppose to go to 1 Utama to get mommy's contact lenses but ended up reaching home around 2300hrs. We arrived at 1 Utama around 1500hrs today since daddy wasn't sure what time we were going to meet Aunty Ou and Uncle Raymond. Anyway we met in 1 Utama since Aunty Ou got something for mommy in Singapore. Aunty Ou is daddy's friend, Uncle Khee Wai's wife's, Aunty Jaclyn, brother's, Uncle Raymond's wife which comes from Chiang Mai and will be giving birth soon to a baby in about 30days time. Soon I will have another friend.

Anyway this morning after having breakfast at Uncle Choy's noodle soup, daddy and mommy went to get a replacement train ticket as the ticket to Tumpat we bought had actually passed, daddy got the wrong date, instead of departing end of this month, July 31st, the ticket we bought earlier dated June 30th?, which is why on the day when daddy was buying the ticket, the man over the counter told daddy that it was full and left only 2 cabins, which are both at the end of each coach. Wasted Rm205.00 for the ticket we bought earlier. Daddy suggested to mommy that instead of giving an Ang Pow for Aunty Por, we give Aunty Por the unused ticket instead.

Finally daddy formatted his computer, and hopefully daddy will start transferring all the photos taken before into the hard drive before uploading it here.

Aunty Cyn Cyn also got out of hospital today after staying for 4 days because of dengue!

Lunch : Fish Ball Noodle @ Uncle Choy's Noodle Shop
Dinner : Spaghetti @ Chilli's

Today's Movie - Ice Age 3 : Dawn Of The Dinosaurs

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100% este pechito come papa said...

wow!! cinema!!!
you are big wayyy to quick!!!
(ice age? i want to see it too!!!!)