Saturday 25 July 2009

A Day In Penang

I woke up very early this morning and tried to wake up daddy as well but daddy refuses to acknowledge my present, so I went outside to the hall while waiting for mommy to cook breakfast for me. By the time daddy woke up, Uncle Andy was about to go downstairs to get some Nasi Lemak for all of us.

After mommy, daddy and uncle david finished the nasi lemak, daddy drove out to Lorong Selamat for his favourite stall food, Curry Noodles, Prawn Mee (Hokkien Mee), Char Koay Teow while mommy and Uncle David had Assam Laksa. Since mommy wanted to do parasailing, and daddy thought it of taking me up Penang Hilll so daddy thought we go up the hill first and drive back to Ferringhi Beach to do parasailing.

When we arrived at the tram station for Penang Hill, we were all surprise that all ticket up the hill until 1700hrs are sold-out! So daddy decided to take the 2200hrs tram up since I have not been up the hill and it should be my first time on a tram. We drove back to Ferringhi Beach since mommy really wanted to do the parasailing. We got to Ferringhi Beach around 1630hrs and immediately some guy came over and quoted mommy a price, RM80.00 for small round and RM120.00 for medium round which caught us all by surprise since Aunty Pearl told mommy it should not be more than RM50.00 per round. Anyway mommy manage to bargain the price to RM60.00 for a suposingly large round. Below are some photos taken of mommy getting ready, up in the air and land.

(clockwise from top left : life-jacket, hooking up the chute, up in the air, thumb up)

We went back to the condo after mommy's adventure, before leaving for dinner at 1800hrs to Bukit Tambun. It took just more than an hour to get from Batu Ferringhi to Bukit Tambun via Georgetown which I fell asleep almost immediately we left the condo. When we got to the Gee Seng Restaurant I started thrown tantrum which lasted for more than 45mins before I stopped and started eating my dinner. Guess I was too tired after running around the whole day. We ordered,
1) Fried Salted Egg Crab (RM32.00)
2) Steamed Pomfret (RM42.00)
3) Steamed Prawns (RM18.00
4) Fried Chilli Paste Prawns (RM18.00)
5) Steam Clams (RM7.00)
6) Steam Razor Clams (RM12.00)
7) Fried Kailan (RM5.00)

Unfortunately, no one manage to take any photos since I was creating a scene! We left the restaurant just after 2100hrs and manage to get to Penang Hill tram station at 2145hrs before taking the 2200hrs tram, only the 4 of us and they did not even bother to check our tickets when we board the tram. The total journey took about half an hour, with us changing cars at the mid-point station. We got to the top of the hill around 2230hrs and walk around a little since most of the stalls, hotels, or shops if any were already closed. It wasn't cool at all, my guess is that there are too many developement ungoing up on the hill. While I was playing with Uncle David, I fell backward and had a little bump on my head with a little red spot. The scenery of Georgetown was fantastic, it would have been better if daddy had brought the camera up.

Maybe the next time. We left the hill at 2315 (the last tram for the day) and got back to the condo just before midnight.

Lunch : Fish Ball Noodles @ Lorong Selamat
Dinner : Steamed Prawns and Steamed Pomfret @ Gee Seng Seafood, Bukit Tambun

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

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auntie sapphire said...

morning Ryn Ryn.. auntie sapphire here.. how have you been. it's been a while since i dropped by and wow you have much taller and as days passed by you are getting cuter and prettier too.. how i wish i can see you someday. continue to take care and eat healthy meals.. say hello to your mommy and daddy for me okay!

love from,
Auntie sapphire.

auntie sapphire said...

sorry for the error.. grown much taller... forgot to type grown the word..haha.. careless mistake.

Love from,
auntie sapphire