Sunday 19 July 2009

Sunday @ Bagan Lalang

I was suppose to have my first game of tenning today but because all the courts were fully booked I went swimming instead in the club. It was a surprise that all courts were taken up since it was never really utilise the last time when I was there.

Anyway I am sure I grew taller since I can stad on my own in the kid's pool. This time I wasn't so afraid being on my own in the kid's pool unlike the last time when daddy took me there. Maybe it is because mommy was in the pool with me.

After swimming, daddy had a craving for steam prawns like those we had in Tambun, Penang. So daddy decided to try a restaurant in Bagan Lalang as suggested by Aunty Vivi. We drove home to pick up granny and grandpa for the 1 hour drive to Bagan Lalang via Putrajaya, Sepang, Labu and Sungai Pelek before turning into Bagan Lalang.

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We arrived at H.M. Sri Bagan Restaurant just after 2000hrs with some direction assistance from Aunty Vivi since even grandpa has not been here before. The way this restaurant works is that you place your fresh seafood first by picking your own choice yourself and let them know how you want it to be cooked. We had,
1) Curry Flower Crab
2) Chilli Razor Clams
3) Fried Clams with Ginger
4) Steam Pomfret with tangerine
5) Steam Prawns

The curry crab and fried ginger clam was actually quite good but the steam pomfret, chilla razor clams and steam prawns wasn't that great. The fish wasn't cooked when it was first serve and they had to take it back in again. Anyway overall the food wasn't that bad if you are looking for some nice Malay seafood.

We took a longer route back, via Tanjung Sepat, Morib (Kuala Langat), Banting, Dengkil and Putrajaya which took a total of 1hr and 30mins, and I slept along the way home.

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Lunch : Fish Ball Noodles @ Ah Choy
Dinner : Seafood @ H.M. Sri Bagan

Some photos taken today
(coming soon)

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