Tuesday 8 April 2008

Fall Of The Bed On Video

Daddy is having some difficulties editing the video mommy took since yesterday. But today daddy made some progress by converting the video into avi so that the first video could be uploaded to youtube.

Anyway, I got an email from a reader that the carrier daddy bought could actually be rented in Kuala Lumpur. Daddy did not check how much it cost but they have a website advertising their product for sale or rental. Click here for more information.

This morning as mommy took a video of me falling of bed. You can see how I fast my mood changes. In the afternoon, mommy called daddy to come back and take me to see doctor but when daddy got back I was still sleeping. Anyway, mommy carried me off the bed and daddy drove to the doctor only when the doctor say that I am a week too early for the injection so I had to go back again next week.

Daddy also bought the bus ticket for Auntie Aey who will be going back this Friday night, a day before my birthday at 2200hrs.

Some photos taken today

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