Wednesday 30 April 2008

A Good Girl Today

Today I was a very good girl, finished both my lunch and dinner without any problem and also slept without any problem after finishing my milk in the afternoon.

I think mommy found the solution in feeding me, for lunch, after I woke up, mommy only gave me a small piece of baby rice cracker and I had no problem at all during lunch. I was practically opening my mouth widely waiting to be fed. Then in the evening before dinner, mommy gave me 3 pieces of biscuit unlike previously a few pieces. I had no problem finishing my dinner as well. It was just like lunch, wide open mouth waiting to be fed.

In the evening mommy and toon took me out for an evening walk. I met up with Grand Aunty Putih and she has got her new maid from Indonesia. Hopefully this new maid will not run away like the last maid did. We stayed only for a while as it started for drizzle. When we got home, mommy took me to Aunty Jin house since Ser Kai insisted to carry and play with me.

My maternal grandmother and great grandma called from Kanchanaburi today as well, while mommy was talking to them, I could not stop babbling.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Princess Hours (궁)

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