Thursday 10 April 2008

Two Days To Birthday

I am getting nearer to be a year old and daddy is still not sure what he wants to do for my birthday so I presume it will be a simple dinner with granny and grandpa in a restaurant nearby.
Auntie Aey and mommy yesterday created a new hi5 account for me and mommy together since most of mommy's old uni mates are on hi5.

Today daddy was suppose to have a dinner appointment but it was canceled so daddy came home for dinner. I am not sure what happen to me tonight since I refuse to drink milk and sleep. I normally would go to sleep around 2130hrs but today I just refuse to sleep even until midnight.
Tomorrow Auntie Aey will be going back to Hat Yai before leaving for Bangkok and daddy also need to meet up with a friend after dropping Auntie Aey at the bus station.

Some photos taken today

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