Monday 28 April 2008

Crazy Morning

Not sure what happen to me this morning when I started crying at 0200hrs until 0400hrs, don't think I was hungry since mommy tried feeding me milk and daddy think it might be pins and needles (paraesthesia), since I can be in the same position for hours. Luckily mommy was able to stay awake with me and left daddy sleeping.

Mommy also realise that I start to communicate with 2 words,
1) Nam (water in Thai - น้ำ) - I would start pointing at the cup and say "Nam Nam Nam...."
2) Sam (no.3 in Thai) - When mommy say Neung Song Sam, I would follow and say "Sam Sam Sam..."

At noon today, Toon was trying to put me to sleep but mommy told Toon to feed me first before I can sleep, which did, had my milk and slepy from 1400hrs to 1730hrs. While I was sleeping, mommy when over to Auntie Jin house for the weekly "Som Tum" and "Larb"

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Princess Hours (궁)

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