Sunday 20 April 2008

Run Around

We woke today thinking of doing some adventurous activity but instead, I stayed at home sleeping until around 1700hrs when daddy drove me with mommy and granny out to get some money changed since we will be leaving tomorrow.

Earlier in the day, before I woke up, daddy called the Airport Limo to make a taxi reservation to LCCT tomorrow but only finding later in the evening when grandpa called them to confirm the taxi phone number that it was keyed in the wrong time, instead of 0400hrs, it was reserved for 1600hrs. So daddy made another reservation but this time only finding out that it was not an MPV but a Waja. So this booking had to be canceled again and it went on until around 2300hrs when daddy and grandpa just lost the confident in this company.

Daddy thought it would be a better idea to get Auntie Cyn Cyn to send us to the airport instead, just as daddy was driving to Auntie Cyn Cyn's house, the airport limo reservation dept called back to inform daddy that they had made sucessfully found a MPV driver tomorrow but because of all the error being made, daddy was hesitate but would be a chance to take since grandpa manage to call the driver of the MPV.

Let's hope they turn up with the correct vehical and the right time.

Photos were taken today.

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