Friday 25 April 2008

Oh Friday!

It was another Friday with me getting up late since I was making a fuss early this morning when I woke up around 0800hrs for milk but I fell asleep again until late in the morning before waking up for lunch. Mommy also took some photos of me standing up by myself unassisted but unfortunately, I am still unable to walk on my own.

Today I also got an invitation for Ser Kai's birthday party next Friday, May 2nd, 2008 but her birthday is not for another few more day. Mommy also took out all the cloths she bought for me to wash so I can start wearing them. Hurray more new cloths.

Tomorrow daddy will be taking me to see a new friend, Jay Ren, who has just turn one month old and we are going to celebrate his first month birthday. I am going to have great fun.

Some photos taken today

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