Monday 21 April 2008

Arrived in Shenzhen

(Days Inn Shenzhen)

Arrive in Shenzhen after leaving the house at 0400hrs this morning. Today I tried almost all sort of transport, from Taxi to Aeroplane to Taxi again, then to Ferry and then Taxi again. Arriving in our hotel at 1430hrs, just as daddy expected without any delays.

The taxi arrangement yesterday was crazy but everything got sorted out nicely and they did arrived this morning with a correct MPV. We arrived at LCCT at 0515hrs but unexpectedly, the airport was full of people and people were all over the places since they had open counter next to each other for 4 flights leaving around the same time.

The flight departed on time at 0640hrs which took 3hrs and 45mins arriving in Macau Airport at 1015hrs. The weather was excellent, clear sky since daddy was afraid that we might have wasted this trip since Typhoon Neoguri was passing this region only a day ago.

From Macau, we took Xun Long Ferry to Shekou Terminal (Shenzhen) which is located about 25km away from the city. We arrived at Days Inn hotel just as daddy anticipated at 1430hrs. The rooms are new but our room had a very bad odour and smell like a sewage.

After that was just history, walking around surrounded with shops and more shops and even more shops. Mommy manage to get me a few pairs of sandals and a new jacket for my trip to South America for all less and RMB100.

I called it a day around 2200hrs but tomorrow it will be a new war!

Some photos taken today

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