Saturday 12 April 2008

I Am 1 Year Old

It has been an interesting journey over the past year from the first cry in the delivery room till screaming and shouting. I woke up very early this morning and started waking up daddy and mommy immediately after that, refusing to let daddy and mommy fall asleep again.

My birthday started off with daddy giving me my first birthday present, a xylophone by little tikes. Later daddy thought of taking me swimming but instead driving to Alpro Pharmacy to get more creams since I am in the last bottle. We went back home immediately since auntie Cyn Cyn was coming to our house for dinner.

Auntie Cyn Cyn arrived around 1700hrs with Auntie Yvonne and stayed until around 1930hrs before we left for dinner at Fortuna Palace Restaurant in Kajang Prima. Granny wanted to invite Auntie Jenny but unfortunately she was busy today. Before going to the restaurant, daddy drove to Secret Recipe to get a cake for me, and mommy choose the Raspberry Cheese Cake.

Initially we were going to cut the cake in the restaurant but because another dinner was being held at the same place, it was way too noisy for my birthday song. We got home around 2130hrs and waited for Ser Kai to come home so she could come over to have the cake with me.

My birthday present from Auntie Cyn Cyn and Auntie Yvonne. I love it and I could wear it on my flight to Macau in 2 weeks time.

Some photos taken today

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