Wednesday 16 April 2008

Sleeping Lunch!

It was a crazy day today while having lunch, I felt so sleepy, not sure why since I woke up around the usual time everyday. When mommy feeding me during lunch at 1230hrs, I started rubbing my eye and making noises. Immediately after lunch, mommy left me at the playpen by myself watching Barnie. But after grandpa finished his lunch, grandpa come over to play with me but instead I started making noise and signs that I want to be carried. This is when mommy came out and notice that I was falling asleep and tried to keep me awake since I need to finish another bottle of milk before my afternoon nap. But I did not response to mommy instead sleeping on grandpa's shoulder. I am just so gone and only waking up today at 1730hrs.

Granny went to Kuala Selangor to buy "fresh fish" from the fishermen, and got some grouper for me since I did not have any fish lately.

For daddy's friends who are single and looking for a "special friend" better log into mommy's HI5 account! Since mommy has got a lot of friends who are looking for "special friend" as well!

No photos were taken today

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Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday Aeryn! Looks like you had a great party!

Just wanted to let your daddy and mummy know that I wont be around to see you guys next week, because I am flying to US and Canada. Maybe next time in KL soon!

Best wishes

Uncle Charles

Anonymous said...

oops when was your bday? din noe that it was over.. so how did you celebrate. Happy Belated Birthday yar. May you be as cheerful as always. Did you get lots of presents?