Monday 13 April 2009

Daddy Left But I Am Still Here For Songkhran

Daddy left very early this morning, around 0500hrs (Thai Time) for the border, and arrive at the office 1130hrs,w hich daddy only took 5.30hrs, from door to door, but daddy got a ticket for speeding though somewhere around Tapah.

Anyway today Grandy Aunty Putih called mommy to ask we were free for lunch or dinner but because the whole city is splash with water, it would not be easy for me to go out and I will be splash with water as well. There were complains that the malaysian tourist were rough with other while splashing water.

In the evening, mommy took me to play with chickens and collect eggs!

Lunch :
Dinner :

Some photos taken over the past few days in Hat Yai
(coming soon)

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Unknown said...

Daddy left early to have lunch with Uncle Tim...right ??

Hey Leon, this is quite an interesting Blog you have here. Quite a number of things that i can relate to...I will be logging in more often.