Friday 3 April 2009

New House And I Am In Hat Yai

Daddy and mommy has been busy for the past few days looking and researching for a new house. Daddy always like Sri Petaling or Taman Desa, unfortunately, landed property in Sri Petaling are lease-hold and we could not afford houses in Taman Desa either. Finally yesterday night while I was on my way in a bus to Hat Yai with mommy and granny, daddy got a call from the agent that the owner agreed to sell the house to us.

(will try to take a photo of the actual house soon)

This house was completed in year 1996 but was only occupied for the past 7 years and located at SL4 in Bandar Sungai Long (click here for location) with a build up area of 2770 sq.ft. / 257.34 m2 (24'x75'). Since the house is already partly renovated, it is almost move in condition except for some minor touch up like a new coat of pain, flooring on the first floor from wood flooring to tiles, stairs railing and maybe a slight extension of the master bedroom bathroom!

Mommy already suggested to paint my room yellow! hmmmm or was it orange! anyway I will be getting my little own room. I am trying to get a download the floorplan of this house but unfortunately so far without any luck but I would be more than happy for any suggestions to do up my little colourful room!

There is a kindergarten on the same road as the house so it will be quite easy for mommy to take me to my class. I am trying to get more information on this kindergarten, Kinder Kid's Pre School, if they are any good.

After this daddy will be busy with the sales and purchase agreement, bank loan, MLTA/MRTA and mommy will be busy starting thinking what to do with the house.

Today mommy also started to feed me Som Tum! but I do not think I will start eating it until I get older! But mommy has still not decided to stay on after Auntie Kwan's wedding or go back to Malaysia. If mommy is not coming back then I will not be able to spend my 2nd birthday with daddy since it would be too tiring for daddy to drive here and back alone.

Lunch : Roast Pork Rice
Dinner : Steam Fish with Steam Brown Rice

No photos taken today.

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Why never talk about uncle hor chai???

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Your daughter so advance for her age, can download floorplan for her house..