Wednesday 17 February 2010

Monkey At Home

Cats and dogs are usual in a housing area but having wild monkeys would be something extraordinary! Yes we have a monkey that comes around our place daily and it has been a nuisance to some of our neighbours. This time, it was our turn when the monkey came and torn the plastics and threw all the saw dust around the house.

Anyway today, Toon came over to the house again and we manage to clean both bathrooms and the cupboard already. Granny and grandpa would be coming from Hat Yai this week as well to help us to clean up the house as well. Tomorrow we will be going to get curtains in the morning and do more cleaning in the afternoon.

Lunch : Fried Fishball and Pumpkin with Rice
Dinner : Fish Ball Noodles

No photo were taken today

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday Aeryn! You must be very busy not to have blogged in so long!

Anonymous said...

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