Monday 12 April 2010

I Am 3 Today!

I turn 3 today! it has been a great year mostly going back and forth to the new house which is almost done after renovating for 5 months! We are just waiting for the doors and some furniture to arrive before daddy would move in. I have moved in since April 1st as I was enrolled to attend the kindee since January actually.

Today I celebrated my birthday by going to KLCC since great granny, granny, grandpa and Uncle Aot came to help mommy cleaning up the house! Then we took a taxi to daddy's office before heading for dinner in a korean restaurant at mini Korea @ Ampang.

After dinner, daddy and mommy drove me out to buy a Panda Chocolate Sponge cake at King's Bakery.

Lunch :
Dinner : Korean BBQ

Some photos taken today
(facing some problem with the layout)

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sapphire blu said...

Happy Belated Birthday. How did you celebrate your birthday...

regards from auntie sapphire