Saturday 6 February 2016

Road Trip 2016 (3rd Day - Vientiane)

Today was another long drive. Started off from Ampawa in Samut Songkram at 7am so we could try to arrive at the Nong Khao border by 1600hrs as Dad was worried that we could not enter the border after the offices closes at 1600hrs. Border crossing was smooth except that it took around 2 hours to process the car documents by the Laotian authority.

We were out of the border complex by 1900hrs driving on the opposite direction traffic!!! It was quite confusing at the beginning.

Temperature in Vientiane was around 19'C when we arrived.

Lunch : Roast Chicken @ Khon Kaen
Dinner : Chinese Teochew Restaurant @ Quai Fa Nga, Vientiane

Hotel - Riverside Palace Hotel, Vientiane

Some photos taken today

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