Sunday 25 December 2011

Great Granny - Passed Away

 It was a sad news when daddy got a call from Grandpa in Ipoh that Great Granny (阿太-aa3 taai3) - Lau Kwai Yong at the age of 93, has just passed away in the hospital at around 11am this morning. 

Below are 2 photos mommy took when we visited Great Granny at Fatimah Hospital in Ipoh on Dec 21st, 2011. The doctor initially told us that Great Granny was fine and was ready to be discharged but because Tun (Great Granny's Maid) wasn't ready on how to feed her so grandpa decided to keep Great Granny in the hospital for a few more days.

When we visited Great Granny, her breathing was loud and she was shaking but the doctor told us that it was normal because of old age. Then on Thursday Great Granny had fever and continue to shake until this morning she passed away peacefully!

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