Monday 14 July 2008

Daddy Office

Today daddy woke up very early actually, driving mommy to the bank to sort out the cheque since beginning July 1st, all cheque were suppose to be standardise so daddy and mommy had to change their cheque books. Anyway after getting everything sorted, daddy asked mommy if she would like to bring me along to the office since Auntie Emily and Uncle Mark was on leave and daddy needed to send some goods in the evening so we will be back early.

So after having lunch and mommy packing my stuff, we went to daddy's new office and stayed there until around 1700hrs when daddy left the office to send some goods. When daddy was about to send the goods, it rained so heavy that daddy decided to send tomorrow instead.

It will be daddy's birthday tomorrow and still no plans for tomorrow!

Lunch : Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Rice with Vegetable Soup

No photo were taken today

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Anonymous said...

hello baby, how are you today? dropping by to say how have you been. quite some time since sapphire last pop in here. continue to take care. see ya.