Wednesday 16 July 2008

Having A Flu

I am down with flu again with a slight fever, cough and running nose. Mommy called daddy to take me to see Doctor Khoo in his clinic in Taman Desa rather than wating for another day since I am starting to have phlegm. Daddy got home early today again to drive me to see Doctor Khoo before heading for dinner at Parkroyal Hotel.

In the afternoon, I was over at Auntie Jin house playing with Ser Kai from the photos below.

Grandpa got hooked with the buffet dinner when he received an sms today asking daddy if daddy was interested for another round of buffet since his Standard and Chartered credit card was doing a 50% discount promotion at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant. It was another semi-buffet, you can order unlimited dishes from about 60 dishes in the menu. The dishes were quite good, they even had Shark-Fin (which daddy had not touch it for years) and Marble Goby (Shoen Hock) or scientifically as Oxyeleotris Marmorata.

It was definately value for money since the normal price per person was RM58++ but with the card it was only RM29++. Mommy enjoyed the prawns so much that we ordered serving as well as the Marble Goby.

No one remembered to bring along the camera again today!

Lunch : Pork Porridge
Dinner : Rice with Vegetable Porridge

Some photos taken today

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