Thursday 17 July 2008

Running Nose

My flu isn't getting any better and I am actually getting worst. I am having a very bad running nose, seems to be flowing non-stop! and my voice has changed a little as well, not sure because of the phlegm or I am starting to have soar throat. Mommy also starting to have flu symptom as well. Very soon I think everyone is going to have it.

Mommy also start to teach me to remove my shoe and place it back where it should be. Now I can get one side of the shoe out but not the other. I would actually just remove one, place it back and walk with only one side of the shoe!

Now mommy have problem feeding me with medicine, I had no problem taking medicine but now, mommy is having problem feeding me medicine. My appetite today wasn't very good as well.

Lunch : Chicken Porridge
Dinner : Rice with Steam Egg

Some photos taken today

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