Saturday 5 July 2008

Up To Genting

I first woke daddy up around 0800hrs but he fell asleep again until 1100hrs when mommy woke daddy up again for breakfast or "brunch". After having lunch mommy told Toon to start packing since we needed to meet up with Uncle Bastian since mommy will be doing some translation for a project of his.

Daddy first drove to Ampang Point, to meet up with Uncle Bastian before arriving in Awana Genting around 1600hrs. It was a nice drive up since it has been hot at home for the past week since I was back. But the maintenance of the place isn't very good anymore. The paint around the building were peeling and some patches covered to mold. The apartment inside were still good. Althought it came with an excellent working "jacuzzi" and other necessary but lack of cable TV and internet connection. Awana Genting have seen better days but they are currently under renovation so hopefully the condition will improve in the near future. Anyway this apartment was booked by Auntie Mimi as she needed to use up the days allocated for her in her time sharing.

Daddy slept again until dinner after we settle down everything. Guess daddy would need all the sleep now.

Lunch : Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Rice with Steam Egg

Some photos taken today

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