Sunday 27 July 2008

Sunday Outing

Since it has been weeks since we last went out, daddy decided to take a drive to PJ since he need to do some banking as well. So we went to One Utama. I think it has been almost 2 months since the last time I was here.

Since mommy always wanted to go to Reject Shop, daddy took mommy straight to Reject Shop, but there were no signs of GAP or any good branded cloths. Mommy got me a long john since it was not easy available and another pair of shorts. Then mommy wanted to get a new water bottle for me since the Mag Mag cup is not enough for me anymore, furthermore, the cover on the mag mag doesn't close properly anymore as well. Daddy thought that buying a replacement cover would solve it but even the new cover had defect as well. But anyway, I have been using it for one year and love it!

When daddy decided to go to One Utama, mommy did not have time to prepare any dinner for me so I had something new today with mommy and daddy in One Utama. Daddy wanted to get a harness since it was RM69.90 with a cute teddy bear but it was too late after dinner as I could hardly open my eyes.

Lunch : Rice with Vegetable Soup
Dinner : Rice with Toufu cook with crab meat and prawns (at Cravings One Utama)

No photo were taken today.

Today's Movie - Desperate Housewives Season 4

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