Saturday 8 November 2008

Exciting Day

It was an exciting day when daddy and mommy took me out for a swim in the club. Today I manage to try a proper inflatable armband by Floaties. This is a much better product than the one daddy bought from Jusco earlier by Ogival. The different between the 2 are,
Pro (Floaties)
- Floaties size is better for age 2 and below allowing arm movements.
- Floaties are properly balance once it is inflated.
- Floaties fitting is right for baby arms since there is a small piece of plastic which is not inflated.
Con (Floaties)
- Because Floaties size is smaller than Ogival, the baby mouth might be touching the water all the time.

After swimming daddy decided to drive to Sunway Pyramid, since the new wing was recently opened. This complex is so huge that you need a whole day to cover the whole complex if this is your first time there. The varieties of shops are much better than before with loads of restaurants as well. I had my dinner in Wendy's since daddy wanted to have the chilis before daddy and mommy had theirs in Pasta de Gohan. There is a great varieties in their menu with both daddy's favourite, Vongole and Squid Ink. I had a special kid menu set, Carbonara with Beef Bacon.

Daddy is very impress with the complex's parking system, it actually detect each lot if it is taken or vacant. Definately a new complex to visit in Klang Valley.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret and Vegetable Soup with Steam Rice
Dinner : Fried Broccoli Minced Pork with Steam Rice

Video taken today,

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