Thursday 13 January 2011

Fighting In Class

As I woke up late today, I only arrived in school around 10ish but when mommy picked me up from school later, teacher told mommy that I had bitten my classmate, Moses, on the palm, because I wanted the train that Moses was holding. Mommy was shock why the teacher shouted at me when mommy arrive! It seems like the new teacher, Ms. Sha is too fierce since a day before when daddy came to pick me up, Ms. Sha was shouting at other students as well. Do you think a teacher should shout at 4 years old? Well daddy doesn't.

Then mommy walked me to school again at 1400hrs since Moses was doing his art-class and mommy did not see how bad Moses palm was. Anyway I said sorry to the teacher and Moses again when I went to school. I also promised mommy that I will never do it again.

Later in the evening, mommy drove us to Tesco.

Lunch :
Dinner : Fried Broccoli and Prawns with White Rice

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