Sunday 16 January 2011

Seremban - Eat Only

Early this morning, mommy got a call from Uncle Aot that Sam Ku Poh had just passed away from complication after an accident happen about a week ago. Mommy is currently planning a trip back to Hat Yai soon for the funeral on Thursday.

The food trip is indeed confirm since we woke up at 1030hrs and immediately we changed and drove to Seremban to meet up with Uncle Peck and Aunty Ivy!

It was a crazy day, we had almost 6 meals today! we started off with the Beef Noodles at Seremban Main Market at 1130hrs and wanted to try the Hakka Noodle located around the corner near the market but was not open yet. So Uncle Peck drove to Yi Poh Restaurant for their famous Yi Pou Loh Shu Fun, which was different from the Loh Shu Fun I normally have! Then we went to Jusco Seremban 2 to spend some time before heading for more food!

Next stop is Seremban supposingly famous Hakka Noodle which we missed earlier this morning, Tow Kee Hakka noodle, it is actually quite good but the portion is really small and the taste is mainly lard! I did not try any since I slept when we were there until the next stop, Chai Hong Chicken Rice, which the rice is suppose to be really good, but daddy thinks the chicken is much better than the rice compare to other chicken rice shops. Anyway I ate almost half the plate of rice when I got up!

The last stop is the hidden jewel, Food Street, they have the most incredible baked marmite crab! Not that we are familiar with the other restaurant taste it tasted just perfect even after we had so much. The other dishes wasn't up to par,
1) Fish Head Noodle - So So
2) Cuttlefish Mee Hoon - Ok
3) Fried Pig's Uterus - So So
4) Yam Leave - Ok
5) Baked Marmite Crab -

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Lunch : Beef Ball Noodle @ Seremban Market
Dinner : Chicken Rice @ Chai Hong

Some photos taken today

Today's Movie -Cars Toons : Mater's Tall Tales

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