Wednesday 5 January 2011

New Wii Games

I went to school this morning as usual without any problem. Seems like I like going to school now but not sure if I will like this for the whole year.

Later in the evening daddy took me and mommy to get some new Wii Games, I got the following but still trying to learn how to play them, this is what I got
1) Barbie : Groom And Glam Pups
2) Ni Hao Kai Lan : Super Game Day
3) Baby And Me
4) Colorful Journey
5) Baby Sitting Mama

Look at how mommy took a photo of me today!

Lunch : Egg Instand Noodle with Egg and Tofu
Dinner : Soya Sauce Prawns and Fried Cabbage with White Rice

Today's Movie -

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