Wednesday 19 January 2011

On My Way To Hat Yai

After mommy sent me to school this morning, I was scolded by my teacher, mommy could hear the teacher shouted at me about 50m away from the classroom! It was something like this, "Aeryn, where are you suppose to put your water bottle?" So when I got home, mommy asked me if I like my current teacher, and I said NO! but instead I told mommy I like Ms Ng and Ms Lim. Daddy is contemplating to change me to another class or kindy. I am currently at Kinder Kids SL4 (My Montessori)

Mommy booked the 2200hrs bus tonight for Hat Yai. I was so excited that I was carrying my backpack the whole time, with most of my precious in there! The bus departed at 2215hrs for Hat Yai and I should arrive at the border at 0600hrs tomorrow morning.

Lunch :
Dinner : Chee Cheong Fun

Some photos taken today

Today's Movie -With Love (ด้วยรัก)

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