Saturday 21 July 2007

Passing Blood

This morning I gave mommy and daddy a shock when they discover there were more blood than a couple of days ago in my stool. It was actually flowing out like liquid. Daddy immediately drove to visit Dr. Khoo's clinic in Desa Petaling to do a check-up. Initially when daddy told him after the 1st dose of rotavirus, there were slight changes in my stool as well so I guess Dr. Khoo thought it could have been the rotavirus or maybe a virus attack since there were signs of mucus in the stool, but after an examination it was an external cut which might have been cause by excessive passing. I was given an antibiotic cream (to be applied on the cut) and smecta (to be diluted and consume with water).

Anyway mommy did not manage to take any photo of me today as I cried almost everytime someone put me on the bed.

Today's Movie - Zodiac

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