Tuesday 3 July 2007

My Hair

I am not sure if my hair are actually falling or daddy is having a serious balding problem since mommy has been finding hairs on the bed which look like mine. In chinese custom, when a newborn is one month old, their will be shaved to get of bad luck and the remnants of unclean matter from the womb or some people say that hair will grow much nicer after the head are shaved. But my daddy and mommy think otherwise, so I kept my hair which most of the stranger I met talks about my hair. Found an article here about newborn custom of different culture.

Daddy also collected MyKid card for me today. The collection date given when daddy and mommy registered me was actually July 16th but daddy received a mail from the registration office that my ID is ready for collection. Mommy will either scan or take a photo of my ID and hopefully I could upload it tomorrow.

Some photos taken today,

Click here for slideshow.

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