Tuesday 10 July 2007

My 100th Post

This is my one hundred post since my first blog on April 3rd, 2007, just a few days before I was 'actually' born.

Today mommy was so busy trying to bake her unsuccessful brownie (it was actually the oven, Cornell, fault because the timer was totally faulty, if you turn the timer to 60mins it actually only run for 14mins and now mommy thinks the temperature of the oven could be faulty as well), she totally forgotten to take any photo of me. Anyway this morning I had a slight fever and mommy gave me some medicine. I am not sure if this medicine is the cause of me sleeping from 3pm till around 9pm refusing to wake up even during bath. I had 5oz of milk at 1pm and only drinking again at 9pm which is about 8hours interval.

Forgot to mention about my fungul infection around my back and my hands cause by sweat sleeping on rubber mat. This rash normally happens when sweats are left unwipe and continously expose to bacteria. More information on fungal infection can be obtain here.

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