Monday 16 February 2009

Kanchanaburi To Nang Rong

It was a tiring journey and I ended up in Nang Rong feverish and I hope I will get better tomorrow continuing my journey to Mukdahan before crossing the Mekong River into Savannakhet, Laos.

Daddy started the journey this morning from great granny shop at 0930hrs to Saraburi to pick up Uncle Chang who is joined us with a THB70 bus, 1 hour, from Bangkok. But daddy only arrived at Tesco around 1230hrs because daddy was caught speeding at 124km/h at a 90km/h stretch on the highway near Wang Noi. Anyway we arrived in Nang Rong which is located about 30km from Phanom Rung Historical Park around 1715hrs, before heading to the first ruin, as daddy wanted to stay as near as possible to the ruins since it would be easier to visit in the morning before heading to Mukdahan.

Prasat Phanom Rung, an ancient Khmer complex build atop an extinct volcano overlooking paddy fields. If we had arrived just a little earlier we would have been able to visit the rest of the ruins located just 9km from this temple. If we could wake up early, daddy would take a drive to visit the rest of the ruins before heading to the Laotian border.

After the ruins, we started shopping for hotels around Nang Rong, which do not have much choice except for a hotel at the centre of the town and Kasut Guesthouse opposite PTT petrol Kiosk on the main road.

Hope my fever will subside tomorrow.

Lunch : Pork Noodle at PTT Petrol Kiosk, Saraburi
Dinner : Fish Porridge at Nang Rong, Buriram

Some photos taken today

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Travel in Thailand said...

Phanom Rung is really an wonderful place to visit ! I have been in Cambodia but never saw a khmer temple like this one. Its long alley is beautiful.

Unknown said...

A really beautiful place. But please put a child seat in the car. On the road, everything can happen, this is the safety of your child. When we traveled to Chiang Mai, we rented safe bikes because it was in our interests to leave the country alive and unharmed.