Thursday 26 June 2008

Buenos Aires Again

This time would be my third time landing in Buenos Aires. The first was flying from Kuala Lumpur, second time was on transit from Santa Cruz to Rio de Janeiro and the third time, which is also the last time for this trip. Buenos Aires, the largest and also the capital city for Argentina located on the southern shore of Rio de la Plata, which is also daddy's favourite city in South America.

But this trip, the city isn't so cheap anymore compared to 4 years ago when daddy was there. Four years ago, daddy could have a set of Parilladas for 2 with a personal wine bottle for 18 pesos but this trip, the minimum would be around 40 pesos (50 pesos at the same exact restaurant along Lavelle Street). This city is no longer as cheap as how daddy thought it would be, but anyhow it is still a charming city with lots to offer, from food to nightlife to tango!

Anyway, it was a slow day since daddy wasn't feeling well and did not want to do anything too tiring. So we walk around Av. Florida till Casa Rosada and visited the Metropolitan Cathedral, before going back to the apartment to rest. Before walking back to the apartment, mommy went to Zara and bought some dress and shirts for me. Mommy also bought a jacket from Montagne since mommy never had a winter jacket before and it would be useful to cold countries.

Lunch : Oats
Dinner : Porridge

Some photos taken today

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Anonymous said...

สวัดสีค่า ^__________^
เห็นรูปน้องแล้ว โตขึ้นเยอะเลย ผมยาวแล้วด้วยนะคะ
อากาศทางนู้นเป็นไงบ้างคะ ทางนี้หนาวสะท้านเลย
ดูแลสุขภาพนะคะ เทคแคร์ด้วยค่า ~~


Anonymous said...

hi baby, its sure fun to travel. have a good time and happy journey.