Sunday 29 June 2008

Last Day In South America

Today will be my last day in South America before taking a flight back in the night for Kuala Lumpur. We checked out from the hotel around noon, which they actually needed the room by 1000hrs. Neither did daddy or mommy packed the cloths a night before since mommy wasn't feeling very well and daddy called the reception in the morning trying to request for a late check-out.

We then took a walk towards Florida again since there wasn't anywhere to go. We stopped to visit San Martin Statue and Falkland War Memorial before doing our last minute shopping along Florida. Since there wasn't much to walk around Florida, daddy decided to take a walk to Puerta Madero before heading back to Florida again.

As daddy was trying to buy some chocolate, a man came and picked the camera which was hang over my stroller. Luckily a couple saw the man taking it from the stroller and informed daddy, we found the man and took the camera back. Daddy and mommy thought the camera would have been gone since neither did mommy or daddy saw the man. It was a very lucky day.

We then took a cab from the apartment to the airport at 1730hrs and got into a "crazy" airport. It took us more than 2 hours to check-in plus immigration clearence before we could board the flight at 2020hrs. The flight was delayed for approx. 40mins because of the airport mismanagement. This is the worst airport I have been so far in this trip.

Lunch : Oats
Dinner : Milk (while queing up to get into the immigration area)

Some photos taken today
(right : Malaysia Airlines Stewardess sleeping with uniform on flight - CPT - JNB)

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