Saturday 28 June 2008

Hard Rock Buenos Aires

Since daddy could not locate the korean shopping street in Once, daddy thought it would be a good idea to visit the authentic Korean town in Buenos Aires located in Carabobo Street in Bajo Flores area. It was not what daddy and mommy expected it to be, walking in this area did not feel safe and most of the shops were closed. Not many Korean restaurant are located here and there isn't any shop selling korean goods either. But it was a good experience to visit a local barrio.

After having lunch in one of the "open" korean restaurant, daddy thought it would be a good idea to visit the chinatown instead. Since it located on the opposite side of the city, we first took a bus to Belgrano "R" and then taking another taxi to Chinatown (Arribenos and Mendoza Street), located at Belgrano "C" train station. At least the Chinatown was more lively with supermarkets and small eateries. Mommy got a bottle of Soya Bean, Steamed Vegetable Bun and a cookie. But later in the night, mommy had diarhoea from one of the above.

Later we took the train back to EstaciĆ³n Retiro and walk around Florida before taking a taxi to Hard Rock Buenos Aires for dinner. We were supposingly to meet up with Uncle Calvin and Auntie Irene but they did not turn up. At lease Hard Rock Buenos Aires is so much better than Hard Rock Rio de Janeiro.

This will be my last night in South America before flying back home tomorrow.

Lunch : Oat
Dinner : Cereal

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