Tuesday 3 June 2008

Cheeky Looks

I think I can say that I am walking already since I am able to walk from the living room to the dining hall at the back of the house myself but my balancing is very much like a walking drunken. Hope that in the next 10 days I would be able to walk a little better and could walk by myself in Machu Picchu.

For the past two days I have not been able to defecate in either the toilet bowl or the potty but doing it in the diapers. For the past months my I have been doing my "job" either in the morning just before I took my bath or in the afternoon, just before dinner. I am also trying now to get down from the toilet bowl seat. Its getting toucher taking care of me now.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Egg (with Carrot and Reddish)
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Pomfret

Some photos taken today

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Anonymous said...

hello baby, I'm so happy you'll get me a postcard. However, it's okay a prayer from you will be fine and I always thank God for knowing someone like you. It is a real blessing I can get to know you through blogging. Oh what is the title of the Thai drama you are following right now. I used to watch Thai drama too but then nowadays I hardly follow cos I will get addicted once I see it. Sometimes tv3 Thai drama also vey nce. Many of the actress and actors are so gorgeous. I love to hear Bird Thong Chai (2) songs. bought it sometime back. How I wish I know Thai language. It is not easy to learn. No matter how many movies I watch I can't learn a word yet. What a slow coach I am. Catch up with you again another time. Take care and drink lots of warm water baby. See ya.