Friday 6 June 2008


This morning I got an "Ang Pow" from Auntie Lui Yun since I was leaving for a holiday. In chinese custom, receiving an "Ang Pow" is similar to being bless with a safe journey. Hope this trip will be a smooth trip. Daddy finally booked the room in Lima today after days of searching, its a hostal located on Calle Lima, Miraflores. But now daddy has yet to reserve the room for Cusco! Guess daddy will only do it when we get to Lima.

In the evening, mommy took me for an evening walk to Auntie Lui Yun since mommy made some "belacan" (กะปิ / kapi) since Auntie Lui Yun love "Som Tum". It was a long walk and I saw a lot of dogs along the way.

Kitt came over in the evening and I had a great time playing with her.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Steam Rice with Vegetable Soup

Some photos taken today

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