Tuesday 17 June 2008

Cusco Attractions

After relaxing for a day daddy thought it was time to visit the attractions nearCusco. Initially daddy was thinking of leaving in the morning by renting a van butbecause daddy did not return back to the hostel early this morning, it would be mucheasier to join a city tour, which was a bad choice.

We left the hostal around 1130hrs and walk straight to the tour company which daddywanted to buy the bus ticket for Cusco - Puno. They also had daily tour as wellwhich they charged USD8.00 per person (I am not included). It was totally waste of money since it was only for the guide and transportation, Since we did not want tothe whole trip, we only started the tour at 1530hrs for the last 4 attractions which cost another 40/S for mommy and daddy,
1) Sacsayhuaman (Sexy Woman)
2) Q'enko
3) Puca Pucara
4) Tambo Machay

Since we have a couple of hours to spare before going joining the group, daddydecided to walk to the market and tried the steam chicken noodle, which was actuallyquite good except for the oily soup.

The van was supposed to pick us up at the cathedral at 1530hrs but did not arriveuntil around 1545hrs. The ride to the first site, Sacsyhuaman was quite interestingsince it was going uphill but unfortunately this tour did not included the Jesusstatue next to it, daddy should have ask them since Uncle Edmund mention about it.

After Sacsyhuaman, we continue another 2 more ruins, until the last which is, , andlocated at 12,000ft, the highest of the 4 ruins. Thy to spot the thumb and thefinger with a bangle in the wrist.

After days of having, roast pollo (chicken), lomo (beef), mommy suggested to have korean food instead, but daddy actually wanted to have some isrealis food.

Lunch :
Dinner :

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